“Italy is a contry where dreams cannot easily come true” (cit.), but sometimes they do.

In Cesena, last July 26 (2015) a thousand rockers shared a whole day together to play a song, “Learn To Fly” to persuade the rock band Foo Fighters to come to Italy to make a concert for them. But we thought the key aspect is not the concert itself, but the strong will to demonstrate that music can still open hearts and just make people have fun together, no matter of who they are, where they come from or how good thet are playing.
No money for nobody, only a shared dream.

Inside the rockin’ thousand, if you look closer you’ll find our singer Alessandro, who were there to support the project and, for sure, to have fun with all the guys there. The days right before, many people was invited to come and too many decline because it was too fool to become something real but, to be sincere, it was really amazing.

Now one thing is fuckin’ clear, “it’s a land of passion”.