Remix From The Game album artwork

Remix From The Game

Titolo : Remix From The Game
Release Date : 18 Luglio 2013
Label : Ammonia Records
Catalog ref. : SEU003

Several Union decide to develop the nu rock, highly melodic tracks contained on Awake from the Game into new sonic shapes by calling some Italian artists from very diverse musical backgrounds, such as Alessio Nero Argento, Take Me Out, Fuoco sul Beat, Paolo Pellegrino, Massimo Sabbadin (rock DJ and owner of the rock fashion brand Bad Spirit, often chosen by artists of the caliber of Metallica and Lacuna Coil), Becko of ‘Hopes Die Last’ : “Remix from the Game” is released digitally through DMB Music and contains very different versions of the songs contained on the original album (dubstep, rap, lounge, house). Before its second release through Ammonia Records, with the collaboration of dubstep radio host of Bass Island, there are two videos shot from this remix album: the harsh and cool “Tonight you’re mine” with D-Vines drummer+dj project Take me Out ( and a very peculiar surrealist video for the Italian rap version of Erase the sorrow by Fuoco sul Beat (